Advanced Neurosurgery Options

Aiken Physicians Alliance offers neurosurgery to address serious health issues affecting the brain, spine and nervous system. We can provide a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for patients who have a neurological or spinal condition.

To relieve pain and increase functionality, neurosurgeons at Aiken Physicians Alliance evaluate patients’ conditions and recommend treatment that may involve rehabilitation, exercise or other therapeutic methods.

If surgery is determined to be required, we are able to perform many procedures using minimally invasive techniques for shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times.

Advanced Neurosurgery Options

  • Brain and spinal tumor treatment
  • Carpal tunnel decompression
  • Critical care for neurotrauma
  • Minimally invasive neurosurgery
  • Neurosurgical oncology
  • Peripheral nerve disorder treatment
  • Skull base surgery (including endoscopic pituitary surgery)
  • Spine surgery (disc surgery, spinal decompression, spinal fusion)

Make An Appointment

For appointments call 803-502-8400 or book online with one of our providers. Our fax number is 803-761-6250.

If you must reschedule or cancel an appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. If your insurance carrier requires a referral, please make arrangements to have that referral forwarded to us before your appointment.

IMPORTANT: Please bring the CDs with the images from all X-rays, MRIs and/or CT scans that pertain to your problem. Imaging reports alone are not sufficient, and a final neurosurgical opinion and recommendation cannot be given without a complete review of all pertinent studies. Please do not rely on referring physicians to send the CDs or films. Please also bring copies of all medication lists with you. These lists should include medication name, dosage, and frequency. Its helpful for patients to complete new patient evaluation forms prior to their appointments.