Nuclear Cardiology Lab

IAC Nuclear Cardiography seal

Our Nuclear Cardiology Lab is accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) and performs a range of tests, including:

Nuclear Stress Test

A nuclear stress test produces images of the heart during exercise and at rest. The test shows how well the blood flows into the heart.

During this test, the patient is injected with a small dose of a harmless tracer that is used to evaluate the blood flow to the heart. The patient spends time exercising on a treadmill and then rests. The images of the heart during both times are compared, which can reveal issues in the heart muscle and blood vessels, including coronary artery disease. The test is completed in one day.

Patients unable to walk on a treadmill can take a medication to simulate exercise.

Thallium Viability Imaging

This test is used to evaluate the viability of the heart muscle. Patients are administered a radioactive isotope (Thallium) followed by imaging. Additional images are then acquired four hours later for comparison. The physician may also request images 24 hours later.

Spectrum Dynamics D-SPECT® Cardiac Imaging System

This advanced imaging machine has nine solid state detectors that each move independently, which allows for faster scan times and collection of more data in a shorter time. It also features an upright imaging chair for better patient comfort. The chair can convert to a flat stretcher if needed.